NEW…Energetic & Multi-Music Genres
POWER…Sight, Sound & Spirit
SOUL…Classic, Originality, Personification of Musicology
Prince Rogers Nelson coined the phrase “New Power Soul” in
the nineties with songs and even made it a title of an album.
NPS singer and band spokesperson Marva King was a part of
that album. Now this dedicated group will join the ranks of
those carrying the torch for those influenced to share “Love 4
one another.” 2018 will be the dawn for these choice musicians
and singers that exude great passion and love for Real Live
Music with New & Original Music, plus exciting live

Marcus Anderson-one of the premiere saxophonists in the
world! He has 9 albums to date, and was known as a featured
player with Prince Rogers Nelson 2012-2016. Very melodic
songwriter, singer & producer of music.
Josh Dunham-Funky, yet tastefully expressive Bassist who
recorded and traveled the world with his Royal Badness Prince
for 5 years. His versatility is expressed in his songwriting and
production skills. Josh also participated in that Great Super
Bowl XLI halftime show.
Adrian Crutchfield- Multitalented Saxophonist, keyboard
bassist, producer and writer of soulfully funky jazz, plus a
plethora of genres of music! Boasts a who’s who list of
entertainers he’s featured with! This North Carolina native is

lively ball of fire Always command attention onstage!! Prince
featured Adrian on several recordings and arenas worldwide.
Marva King-Is a seasoned recording, and live music artist
who’s performed with, and written for an extended list of
Major talent, such as Prince, Stevie, Michael Jackson and many
more. Marva’s lead role in Tyler Perry’s “Diary of a mad black
woman placed her in front of millions as an actress/theater
Maya & Nandy McCLean-these 2 stunning ladies from “The
land down under” will be forever branded universally as the
exotic twin dancers onstage with Prince for several years. Both
are singers, songwriters, acoustic guitar players,
choreographers & actresses in addition to dancing. Nandy also
produces films, while Maya is a Positive light spokesperson .
Gail Johnson-Keyboardist extraodinaire. Gail is the leader of
her own successful all female Jazz band “Jazz in pink.” She’s
also a former keys player for Morris Day & The Time. Multi-
genre Philly born musician holds her own with the best of
Vanessa Domonique-A UK resident and native picked up drum
sticks at the age of 13. She writes complex jazz fusion, pop and
soul music. Vee as she is called is as solid as a metranone,
playing with many popular British artists and groups and now
a member of New Power Soul. An aggressive, yet tasteful
percussion player, that studied and received a BTEC National
diploma in popular music and sound engineering and further
studies at the renowned Drum Tech music School in London.
Michael Edwards-Is known for his silky lead and heavy rhythm
funk guitar strokes with rock overtones. Mike covers so many

genres so very well!! This native L.A. player worked with the
legendary Stevie Wonder and other Superstar performers in
his career. He writes music and pays it forward by mentoring
up and coming young guitarists in the L.A. area.
Together this group of exceptional performers are carving out
a path for the New Generations to follow, while respectfully
carrying the torch for “Real Musicians with Real Music”
inspired by those that have come before them.
Look for the New Music single and CD from New Power Soul in

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